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Make the smart choice when faced with a natural or man-made disaster, and choose DKI – Precision Restorations. With our professional and courteous staff, up-to-date equipment, and materials, we will get you back into your home or back in business as quickly as possible.

Building Re-Construction
& Content Restoration

All DKI – Precision Restorations trades required for the total reconstruction of any residential or commercial property loss are certified and bonded to complete.

  • Carpentry

  • Electrical

  • Painting

  • Hardwood

  • Drywall

  • Mechanical Flooring


More than just contents...

At DKI – Precision Restorations, we know that it is not just stuff; it is memories, moments and business essentials. Our content cleaning staff are trained to handle all types of household and commercial content. From content packaging, restoration and move-in, our trained and bonded staff do their best to return your items at their best.

Emergency Services

Depending upon the type and extent of property and contents damage, DKI – Precision Restorations offers 24/7 emergency services for damage resulting from fire, flood, wind or criminal activity, including:

  • Fire Clean-up and Board-up

  • Air Scrubbers and Fan Installation

  • Water Extraction

  • Drying Equipment Installation

  • Antimicrobial Application

  • Contaminated Material Disposal

  • Content Cleaning and Restoration


Throughout the clean-up and restoration process, we communicate regularly with your insurer to keep the status of your claim up to date and provide estimates and invoices in a timely manner to keep restoration work on track.

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