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COVID-19 Response

COVID Health and Safety Policies for Office Staff:


  1. No one with COVID related symptoms or possible exposure are to enter office

  2. Front door will be locked during working hours with sign on door to call front desk – deliveries, appointments, etc.

  3. Physical distancing of a minimum of 2 meters between staff members

  4. Main doorways throughout office to be open at all times

  5. No passing in the hallways

  6. Staff not to enter another’s office space

  7. Office occupancy has been reduced by splitting staff into 3 teams

  8. All desks to be supplied with hand sanitizer and wipes

  9. Masks and gloves are available to all staff

  10. Strict policy to wash hands before and after handling objects in the office such as photocopier, files, appliances, switches, etc

  11. All unnecessary items that elevate the risk of transmission such as office coffee maker, plates, utensils are removed

  12. Blinds to be open in all offices at all times

  13. Staff to follow signage posted throughout office

  14. Staff members assigned set times to use lunchroom, and to disinfect before and after use

  15. No other staff except for office staff allowed in office area

  16. Plexi-glass partitions installed to help distance staff

  17. Convex mirrors installed in hallways to reduce risk of coming in contact

  18. Staff to reach out directly to H/R with any questions, comments or concerns they have with any COVID related polices or procedures

COVID Safety Policies for Emergency / Construction and Content Division Crews:


  1. Masks available at all times when on site and should be worn when unable to maintain safe social distance

  2. Latex gloves to be worn at all times and changed regularly

  3. Every worker to have access to hand sanitizer at all times

  4. Upon arrival to site, before entering the house, staff are to ask the customer if anyone has travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days or if anyone in the house is sick

  5. Maintain appropriate social distance from customer at all times

  6. Set up signage at work site to remind customer to keep their social distance

  7. Make sure customer is aware of signage

  8. Retrace steps when leaving a job site to ensure all touched surfaces are disinfected and wiped

  9. Crews are divided into teams and are not to cross over job sites

  10. If any staff have any questions, comments or concerns about any COVID related safety policies or procedures, you can contact H/R Department

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